App screens of the colour-coded program phases. Blue represents the first phase (relief), peach showcases the second (resolve) and yellow highlights the last (resilience).

BodyGuide is a mobile app that helps people relieve physical pain. Through holistic and structured programs, the app supports body literacy, movement and mindfulness. The interface redesign strays away from a clinical look and adopts a tone of joy and gratitude.

Colours and shapes outlined in the brand guidelines are injected through avatars, statistics and colour-coded program phases. As well as styling for new functions, such as the ability to switch between programs from the home page, the app considers user experiences with fixed buttons.

In-app avatars were also created to reflect different personalities and a diverse user base. They play with foreground/background, contrast and geometric shapes.

Completed / 11-2021

Services / Mobile app UI, avatars

Client / BodyGuide

Tools / Figma

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App screens showing two collapsing sections, available to view within each session. Users are able to switch between programs or reveal program details.
The profile page, showcasing the use of colour in statistics and colour-coded phases.
App screens of the avatars and settings page.
In-app avatars in detail.