App home page in light and dark versions on the left and middle. Exercise page pictured on the right screen.

Coachwise is a mobile app for personal trainers and gyms to deliver fitness programs to clients. To transition the app from an internal tool to a white label product, the redesign of the client facing side implements a refreshed sitemap, new branding elements and increased functionality.

Qualitative research methods were utilised to gather data for two different audiences and inform decisions for added functions. The app draws inspiration from existing competitors in navigation, layout and behaviour. However, unlike the emphasis on strength that others display, the app puts the values of JPS first; delivering programs based on science and data. Deliverables included UX/UI research outcomes and proposals, a one-page style guide and app mockups.

Completed / 09-2022

Services / UX/UI, mobile app design, branding

Client / JPS Health & Fitness

Tools / Figma

App notifications, settings and profile pages.
Three app screens show the workout program for three days.
App screens with the past and current workout programs and an example of a popup/modal box design.
App page of the library of all exercises, individual exercise details and statistical history of any completed sets.