Student work

The Moon Is Made Of Cheese

A title sequence for a hypothetical sci-fi comedy sitcom. It features 2D animations influenced by the physics of surrealism. Through lively and bouncy movements, there is a sense of playfulness and curiosity. Using visual juxtapositions, the title sequence plays with reflections, shadows and mirrors to express the character’s wavering worlds.

The soundtrack, remixed from “The Mountain” by Podington Bear, supports the idea of having two sides of the same coin. The narrative was constructed around the four bars of the soundtrack. Each of these four sections in the animation represents a piece of the character’s journey.

Completed / 07-2020

Type / Title sequence

Tools / Adobe AE

Synopsis / An anxious soul, who unconsciously alternates between two worlds when she wakes up after sleeping, wishes to only stay in one. However, when her dreams come true and she is stuck there, she begins to question its reality. Now, she must find where she belongs.

Screenshot of scene one: identity and belonging. A semi-circle is lodged into sand on the left half, while a puddle of water washes over the right half.
Screenshot of scene two: freedom and exploration. Left half has credit, while right half consists of a rising sun.
Screenshot of scene three: reflection. A mountain slides away from a mirror.
Screenshot of scene three: doubt and confinement. A window is warped, as if something is trying to escape.


A Google Chrome extension for desktop Twitter. It changes the headings and names of key functions into their literal intentions. Inspired by Jenny Odell’s ideas on the attention economy, it exposes how social media pushes users to be emotionally invested and waste time. Each trigger and label was chosen with user interaction in mind.

Completed / 06-2020

Type / Chrome extension

Tools / HTML, JavaScript